Merplex surveying division has previously and currently completed jobs all around Australia, for a wide variety of domestic uses and business applications.

Merplex surveying division also provides unique and useful statistics, data and information for all projects, regardless whether great or small. This information directs and assists clients and builders to make correct and informative decisions in all works carried out.


Merplex surveying division is recognised as a market leader and is synonymous with surveying and quantity surveying expertise, offering a wide range of internationally renowned service, technology and knowledge.

Merplex surveying division has provided accurate, reliable and detailed survey plans and quantity survey reports for all different land shapes, projects and structures.

Merplex surveying plans include boundary location, boundary dimensions, boundary angles, existing structures, vegetation, land contours, northern aspect, prevailing winds and other related surveying information.

Merplex quantity surveying reports itemises all the building materials and equipment that is used to construct and complete a building project and gives an accurate costing of all items and equipment used in the construction process.


Merplex surveying division produce detailed plans, reports and information to satisfy the endless demands and requirements set by clients, councils and government bodies.

Merplex surveying division projects range from residential alteration and additions, renovations, homes, dual occupancies, villas, townhouses, apartments, health care facilities, retail complexes, sporting facilities, motels, hotels, commercial offices, industrial, institutions and other building projects.


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