Merplex interior design division operates in Sydney, but also carries out and completes projects throughout Australia and overseas. The operations and services span to every state and city regardless of the location, whether in the high end of town or modest suburbia.

Merplex interior design division vast and varied accomplishments, both domestically and internationally, brings both creativity and uniqueness to every design project completed.


Merplex interior design division apply there expertise in every facet of the design process when designing and creating interiors for there customers and clients. This is achieved through expert designers and consultants who have developed there skills over the years through education and practice.

Merplex interior design division manage and carry out every aspect of the design management, which include concept development, space planning, 3D rendering, design documentation, interior design and project management.


Merplex interior design division specialise in small, medium and large sized markets, where our designers extensive experience and resources compliment our clients every need and desire.

Merplex interior design division specialise in all areas, whether it is residential, retail, commercial, industrial, corporate, health care, sporting facility, hotel, motel and institutional environments.

Merplex interior design division has vast experience in attention to detail, cost efficiency, superior service and a tenacious approach to completing projects within the estimated time frame.


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