Merplex news

Dear potential and existing clients,

Due to Merplex unprecedented growth in different individuals, communities and businesses using the various professionals in Merplex, Merplex is pleased to announce it will double the prizes to be won next month from 1 to 2.

This increase in prizes to be won is a sign of appreciation from Merplex to all clients. Merplex thanks all clients for being apart of the team and its continued support to Merplex. Merplex will endeavour to keep providing assistance and prompt service to all clients concerned.

As Merplex is expanding into other divisions and areas, this has lead to Merplex growth. As a result, Merplex has the capacity to help more charities and organisations that assist the sick, disabled and people that are less fortunate than us. This has only been achieved through the direct support of members and clients.

The latest charity Merplex is helping and raising funds for is Caritas Australia and hopefully there will be more and more charities we all can provide assistance to in the near future.

Merplex team of marketing and information technology professionals are always seeking new ways to promote and expand Merplex. Merplex is currently seeking negotiations with Microsoft and its panel of marketing advisors to find new ways to promote and advertise Merplex with the largest computer company in the world.

Merplex is also in negotiations with the government of Australia to seek a grant to expand our operations overseas to help build, develop and provide infrastructure in countries that need assistance. Once a grant is approved from the government, it will provide employees, contractors and sub contractors an opportunity to work overseas in countries that are still developing and growing.

Merplex encourages all clients to write or call to Merplex with any questions that you may have and we will gladly respond with an answer.

Kind regards

Client comments

Merplex has compiled a number of comments and letters from satisfied clients that have used Merplex over the years. Here are a few comments and letters:

Aron (Sydney-Mosman)

"My children were growing and I had another baby on the way, and I needed advice on how we can extend the family house. My wife and I set out to find an design firm that can give us innovative ideas and practical solutions to solve our Problems. We searched on the internet and came across Merplex, after looking at there website, we called and set up an appointment with a designer. Within two weeks of our initial appointment, we come up with a design solution for our home extension, which not only can accommodate our family, but can easily fit another family of four".

Shannon (NSW-Gosford)

"My husband and I had just got our final approval for our two storey house from the council. We called our friends which had recently completed the construction of there house to refer us to there builder. Our family friend Gerard did not hesitate in the slightest when he recommended Merplex to construct our home. The main reason why Gerard recommended Merplex was that they were reliable, honest and efficient when carrying out and completing the construction of his house".

Annette (Sydney-Alexandria)

"We saved enough deposit to buy a family home and we started looking to get finance. The weekend when we started looking to get finance, we received a brochure in the mail from Merplex which outlined its services, which included finance. We gave Merplex a call and arranged a time to see them that same afternoon. After the meeting, the finance professional advised us how much we can borrow and within 24 hours we had approval for our finance. Now thatís what I call convenience".

Dear Merplex,

Richard and I wanted to write to Merplex to say thankyou and how grateful we are for helping us in every step of the process when financing, designing and constructing our eight storey commercial and residential apartments.

With so many obstacles and hurdles we had to confront and overcome in the council to get approval, Merplex made everything seem so positive and never gave up on our dreams and what we wanted in the project brief.

There are not many companies out there that can provide a one stop shop that can provide finance, design and construction for clients to complete projects and developments. This has benefited Richard and me tremendously in saving time and money in finding and contacting other professionals, tradesmen and suppliers.

Once again thankyou for your time, effort and understanding in assisting and guiding us in every step of the way.

Yours truly,

Richard Tomlison and Barry Whitiker