Merplex insurance division is sourced from a wide variety of insurance company’s located both in Australia and overseas that have vast experience in insurance.

Merplex insurance division provides ample opportunity to individuals and businesses to choose and select the best insurance product that suit there interests, allowing the client to gain a competitive advantage in the market.


Merplex insurance division specialises in all types of insurance ranging from personal, business, commercial, special event, building and many other areas.

Merplex insurance and services offered and provided to our clients cover public liability, property damage, business interruption, home warranty and other related misfortunes that are caused by unforseen circumstances.


Merplex insurance professionals bring with them there expertise, education and enterprise to provide real insurance solutions for any issues and circumstances that may occur.

Merplex insurance professionals through years of solid education and training have produced the perfect formula to obtain the best product for every individual, family and business.

Merplex insurance professionals ensure that you are well and truly protected if any misfortune does arise and you will be happy with the comfort and assistance that is provided for you after such misfortune.


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