To ensure Merplex provides and produces the best possible service for potential and existing clients, it is essential for Merplex to seek, obtain and store personal information. The type of personal information that is required to be stored will depend on the nature of the company, client and member relationship.

Merplex guarantees all information collected and stored will comply with the Privacy Act 1988, and will take appropriate steps to maintain the privacy of all information given to Merplex. Merplex is not to disclose personal information other than for the purpose for which it was collected or any reasonable secondary purpose.

In certain circumstances, Merplex requires contractors and sub contractors to use personal information about potential and existing clients in the course of its business activities to carry out and complete certain jobs. All contractors and sub contractors must comply with Merplex privacy policy at all times. Merplex will not sell any information about any potential or existing clients.

Merplex may contact and inform potential or existing clients of any new and future improvements and changes that will benefit the clients, this will involve sending information through post, email or in person to potential and existing clients. Merplex will upgrade its records in case a potential or existing client does not want any information passed on to them.

Before any information is released, Merplex requires proof of identification from the enquiring person, so any information held about them is authorised. Any changes to the personal information must be done via a written request. All potential and existing clients information, is protected in secure environments and employees are required to maintain the confidentiality of any personal information collected.

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