Merplex design division currently operates in Sydney, NSW, but designs Australia wide in every city, state and territory. These states include Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern territory, and South Australia.

Merplex design division has established contact points across Australia in relation to council and government authorities, which it has access to all relevant codes and policies relating to the proposed project.

This is extremely important, especially in cases where projects have to be completed in a specific time frame and where design requirements of council and government bodies are stringent and specific.


Merplex design division practices combine unique understanding of complex issues with innovative design solutions to achieve beyond distinction projects that complement the rules and regulations of council and government authorities.

Merplex design division today continues to build on its remarkable achievements through its excellence in planning, design, administration and its sensitivity to cultural, social and heritage issues.


Merplex design division through its national practices allures important cultural and technical experience, understanding and insight to the development of design outcomes for local issues.

Merplex design division has experience and skill base built upon a wide range of design, urban planning, conservation and heritage projects and developments.

Merplex design division projects are diverse, ranging from residential alteration and additions, renovations, homes, dual occupancies, villas, townhouses, apartments, health care facilities, retail complexes, sporting structures and venues, motels, hotels, commercial offices, industrial, institutions and other building projects.


Merplex design division provides assistance to all individuals, communities, businesses, builders and developers. Whether clients have no experience or years of experience, our professional and experienced staff can adapt to each individual needs and objectives.

Merplex design division helps all individuals, communities, businesses, builders and developers understand all codes and policies set by councils and government departments. This ensures all parties involved exactly know what is accepted and not allowed in the design process with regards to council codes and policies.


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