Merplex private certifying division assist and direct clients in all scope of works relating to building approvals, inspections and certificates. Private certifiers specialise in construction certificates, complying developing certificates, interim occupancy certificates, final occupancy certificates and other related services in the building industry.

Merplex private certifying division specialise in all different and diverse building types and areas, regardless the size or scale of the project. Private certifiers deal with buildings and structures in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.


Merplex private certifying division reduce the time and frustration for individuals, communities, businesses, builders and developers. This is achieved when private certifiers significantly reduce the time approving plans and certificates for various projects. Other approval methods, individual, communities, businesses, builders and developers encounter long delays when seeking approval with councils and other certifying departments.

Merplex private certifying division are more efficient in many ways which include minimising delays in obtaining approvals and certificates, reducing fees in the approval process and providing prompt customer service to answer any questions and difficulties.

Merplex private certifying division efficient and effective practices result in individuals, communities, businesses, builders and developers starting and completing projects within the timeframe and deadlines set before them.


Merplex private certifying division have a varied and vast background in the building industry, approvals and regulations. Private certifiers have knowledge in all council codes, policies, legislation and other relevant laws.

Merplex private certifying division effective planning, goal setting and execution of works give them the necessary advantage over councils and other certifying bodies. There well known and superior services are second to none when dealing with clients and customers projects.

Merplex private certifying division projects range from residential alteration and additions, renovations, homes, dual occupancies, villas, townhouses, apartments, health care facilities, retail complexes, sporting facilities, motels, hotels, commercial offices, industrial, institutions and other building projects.


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