Merplex Pty Ltd is a nationally recognised design, construction, home loan, insurance and tradesmen company, which was originally named Architectural Design Services Pty Ltd, and was founded in Sydney, Australia in January 2000.

Merplex specializes and practices in design, construction, home loan, insurance, trades and operates throughout Australia, which has grown strongly and rapidly in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, servicing all individuals, communities, businesses, builders and developers since it commenced operations.

Merplex accelerated growth enabled the company to expand and diversify in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Developments
  • Council Consultation
  • Engineering
  • Surverying
  • Landscape Designing
  • Interior Designing
  • Private Certifying

Merplex also provides a help desk to answer any questions clients might have about there job via the phone, email or fax. Merplex also enables clients to submit jobs to Merplex via the internet, email, fax or phone for Merplex professionals to quote and complete.

Merplex expansion was linked to numerous factors ranging from client satisfaction, prompt service, professional advise, expertise and unlimited knowledge. As a result of this expansion, Architectural Design Services was renamed to Merplex to cover all fields and services it provides to clients, as it is no longer just an design and construction firm.

Merplex therefore, was established for the convenience and hassle free approach for individuals, communities, businesses, builders and developers by creating a one central point of contact to access any or all of these fields and services. As a result individuals, communities, businesses, builders and developers save time and money.

Merplex employs over 450 employees, contractors and sub contractors across the various fields and provides assistance, quotes and completes jobs for well over 15,000 individuals, communities, businesses, builders and developers every year.

Clients enjoy the REWARDS which are offered to them for being a part of and loyal to Merplex. (Please refer to the rewards section to get more information on how you can obtain these fantastic rewards).

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