Merplex is focused in taking into consideration and improving the lives and futures of people, environment and community. People are different and diverse and it is imperative that the company adapts and create an understanding to each individual wants and needs. This understanding will create success to all parties concerned, in particular, were clients achieve the outcome they dearly want. This inturn will raise the stature of the company in terms of excellent effectiveness and execution.

Merplex is continually committed in enhancing and developing our existing safety culture in all aspects, regions and fields in which we perform our business. Merplex strongly believes in a safe and secure work environment resulting in clients and employee’s safety and health being preserved.

Merplex has over 450 employees, contractors and sub contractors Australia wide, it is paramount that our existing safety programs are vigorously enforced and continually updated to conform to Australian standards.

Merplex rates quality as one of the most important components to the company’s sustainability. It is our fundamental belief and understanding that with high quality standards, it does not only increase the safety of customers but also enhances the company’s long term productivity and competitiveness.

Merplex considers client expectations in terms of time, cost and quality as the most important, therefore the company will continually strive to deliver quality products and services relating to the company’s activities while meeting existing quality regulations and client expectations.


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