Merplex landscape division identifies the need in the landscaping industry for practical landscape designs which are not only workable but suit all budgets and constraints.

Merplex landscape designers and professionals have achieved workable designs and plans by being well informed and up to date with market trends and prices.


Merplex landscaping division provides unique and creative landscape designs for renovations, alterations and additions, residential, commercial, industrial and all other buildings and developments.

Merplex provides landscape and horticultural consultations, specifications, documentations, analysis, and management techniques. Merplex expertise, knowledge and information accompanied with its reputation and honesty results in a pleasurable experience to all clients.


Merplex landscaping division ensures and guarantees the high quality of design for all projects and developments whether it is a renovation, home, villas, townhouses, unit apartments, commercial, industrial or institutional.

Merplex identifies and recognises the increasing stringent rules and regulations of council bodies and government authorities to consider the natural habitat and surrounding streetscape.

Merplex realises it has to establish and create unique designs to satisfy all codes and policies of authorities, and more importantly satisfy clients and customers needs and requirements.


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