Merplex council consultation division will decode and breakdown all council procedures and regulations into a language which you can easily understand and recognise.

Merplex council consultation division make life so much easier and enable you to make informed decisions specific to your building, development and any related issue that requires formal council approval.

Codes and Policies

Merplex council consultation division help and provide assistance to individuals, communities, businesses, builders and developers by approaching council and help clients understand the codes and policies that have many rules, regulations, plans, maps and other documents that are difficult to interpret.

Merplex council consultation division have great knowledge and understanding of codes and policies of all councils regardless of the city, state or territory that the enquiry is related to.

This is achieved by years of consulting, meeting and discussing with council town planners the various parts of the codes and policies of varies projects and developments.


Merplex council consultation division gives clients much needed assistance, by the way of consultants approaching the council and enquiring, investigating and searching for the most sought after answers for clients questions.

Merplex council consultation division acts as an interpreter between the council and the clients, and through the research and interrogation of town planners, the consultants brings back a clear, concise and easier interpretation of codes and policies relating to the individual, community, business, builder and developer.


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