Merplex engineering division has an impeccable and solid track record in the safe and effective design of structural, hydraulic, acoustic, electrical, mechanical and geotechnical engineering of construction and maintenance projects for valued individuals, communities, businesses, builders and developers.

Merplex engineering division operations and projects span throughout Australia in every city, state and territory with experts and consultants to check, verify and approve of various stages in the project.


Merplex engineering division design and supervise all engineering projects for all types of buildings and structures, whether simple or complex, grand or small in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Merplex engineers are qualified and educated to the highest degree and which there expertise is evident in the projects they have completed in there long history in engineering.


Merplex engineering division understanding of difficult issues with smart design practices have achieved workable solutions in all projects regardless of size or impracticality.

Merplex engineers through experience, education and enthusiasm have achieved outstanding results in planning, supervision and administration abilities.

Merplex engineering division projects range from residential alteration and additions, renovations, homes, dual occupancies, villas, townhouses, apartments, health care facilities, retail complexes, sporting facilities, motels, hotels, commercial offices, industrial, institutions and other building projects.


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