Merplex development division participation and involvement in development has spread across Australia, especially in major capital cities.

Merplex development division expansion in development, has amassed an outstanding and impressive portfolio which is a direct result of the company’s effort to diversify in the built environment.

Merplex development division includes a wide variety of different projects which range from renovations, alteration and addition homes, villas, townhouses, unit apartments, retail, commercial, industrial and mixed uses.


Merplex development division compliments and builds on the achievements and success of its construction business, which has satisfied all individuals, communities, businesses, builders and developers in completion of projects.

Merplex as a result has established and created a property development business, which has added another arm to the company’s many services to satisfy all its customer and client base.


Merplex development division has participated in a varied and wide range of projects as either a sole developer or in a way of a joint venture partnership

Merplex development division has taken the opportunity to form a partnership with experienced developers and investors in the property market, which has lead to broadening the company’s knowledge and expertise.

Merplex development division either, designed, constructed or invested in projects and structures, in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.


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